Welcome to MYJN

The Story Begins

Our jewelry is designed to be your everyday essential, with a subtle elegance that matches with any you.

Inspired by women

We are a women-led, people-first fair jewelry brand. We play our role in building a world that’s better for women and their communities. 80% of our customers are women. Women have always been our main source of inspiration, motivation and strength.

Sustainable jewerly

Longevity has always been at the core of our brand identity. When we first started out, we didn't think of identifying ourselves as a sustainable jewelry brand and, for now, we cannot claim that we are. In 2021 we decided to go all in to reduce our footprint on the planet.

No mass production

Our inventory is limited and we only produce a limited quantity of stock. If you're a fan of ours, you will notice that our best-selling jewelry always out of stock and it will require pre-order. When we reach a certain amount of production, we will soon discontinue the collection / products. We don't keep inventory, every batch for the production is small and limited too.

"We want to write a more beautiful story from beginning to end"


2 long-time friends & couple, 1 big idea

Our founder, May abided by a minimalist philosophy, removing the non-essential and making a conscious effort to focus on what really matters in life.

Her passion for beautiful objects, a natural appreciation for the handcrafted, and a desire to create a new kind of jewelry that she wants to wear, but hard to access.  

Designed to bring together worlds old and new. She believes that fine jewelry should not only blink & elegant, also able to tell a story, meaningful and connect with the people.

"Your story isn’t like anyone else’s, your jewelry shouldn’t be, either."

Expensive Taste Without Markup

Beauty comes with a hefty price as many would say. There is no logical reason that handmade jewelry should be made affordable. The high price tag associated with handmade jewelry remains the status quo for decades.

Traditional jewelry brand markup their products 10x + the actual cost. MYJN wish to build a new luxury, by removing the non-essential, fabricating a different kind of jewelry that's hard to access in the market. It's tough to make handcrafted jewelry accessible when we use the top material and quality craftsmanship.
With the efforts, we seek to minus the heavy traditional mark-up of the jewelry industry and we will always sell at an honest price we could be.
MYJN aims to revolutionize the way people consider and wear jewelry

Our Material

We are firm believers in quality over quantity. Made to last using the finest, ethically sourced materials and designed for everyday wear.

Our Commitment

Carefully hand-finished to ensure it’s flawless for years to come.


Our Promise

Every MYJN pieces is covered by our warranty. Our warranty covers the colour fading issue, clasp/chain breakage, repair on damaged jewelry, lost gemstone/diamonds.

Our Impact

We use recycled and biodegradable materials in our packaging to be more conscious of our environmental impact.

Demi-fine jewellery label MYJN promises quality at an affordable price, made possible by their choice of ethically sourced materials.



17 SEP 2020

MYJN creates elegant demi-fine jewellery that is friendly on the budget. Each new collection is a one-off, so there's an element of exclusivity as well.


Tatler Malaysia

16 JUL 2020

MYJN is designed to everyday must-haves for the minimalist jewellery lover. Founded with the philosophy of removing the non-essentials.


First Classe

7 FEB 2020

MYJN with a sustainable core from start to finish, they’ve released several affordable-but-luxurious collections teeming with clean structures and pearl-embellishment.


2 FEB 2021



21 JAN 2021



3 DEC 2020