Made ethically, responsibly & sustainably

We pride ourselves on creating jewelry for women to feel inspired. Jewelry is more than just beautiful - it can also do good in the world

We recognize that everything we make has an impact on the community


We work with responsible business practice manufacturing partners, responsible manner good suppliers. We try to produce our pieces locally where possible. We value local production both because supporting our community is important to us and because it can reduce waste and the use of resources.

― Responsibility

We pay fairly wages and promptly to our supplier & establish sustainable relationships. We follow the complete supply chain and analyze the impact, ethically tracing each product from concept to completion to protect the environment.

― Fair Trade

Transparency, authenticity, sustainability

Reduced, Recycle & Reuse


Most jewelry is made with recycled and responsibly-sourced sterling silver. We aim to minimize waste in the production of our pieces, and therefore, many of our pieces are made to order, hand-finished, released in small batches. All our pieces will be discontinue after awhile. Therefore, there will be no excessive wastage in creating beautiful jewelry.

We use recycled and biodegradable materials in our packaging and & studio where practicable, and we continuously look for ways to be more conscious of our environmental impact.

We are going to pitch in on our dedication to reduce and offsetting 100% of our carbon emissions as a brand and why we trust that all brands should aim to become 0% net carbon neutral.

High-quality green certified packaging materials


We dedicate ourselves with transparent & responsible sourcing practice and use of sustainable material. Who else finds our packaging design, from carton box to the jewelry box, gift-wrapping and gifting cards are super cool? They are made of 100% recyclable paper.

We use recycled and biodegradable materials in our packaging to be more conscious of our environmental impact. We try to reduce packaging, make it minimal and fit 1-3 jewelry in MYJN jewelry box but not separate it.

We committed to reducing waste in all our processes . Aside from recycling all packaging products and personal waste, we also don't waste the pieces that don't pass our high quality control standards, it will returned to our supplier that able to recycle them. We manufacture in small batches to make sure that we are not overproducing and creating unwanted waste

― Zero waste policy

Sustainability starts with responsible sourcing. Almost all of the metals used in our jewelry, accessories, and objects are recycled. Less waste, reduced greenhouse gas emissions, less mindless consumption.

― Eco-Friendly

We can all do better. We have to.
As is often said, “There is no Planet B.”


Low co2 for the people and planet

Promote equality, fair trade

Recyclable material & packaging

Sustainable Development