Jewelry Care Kit

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Get ready to sparkle, again. Keep your jewelry looking its best. Designed to clean and polish, restore luster without scratching or removing the jewelry.


- Come with two (2) MYJN jewelry polishing cloths ( treated, soft, non-abrasive material )

- Come with two (2) anti-tarnish strips - non-abrasive 1"x1" tabs


- Rubs gently on the tarnished surface. Buff evenly to provide brilliance shine.

Simply insert the anti-tarnish strips into MYJN jewelry boxes, pouches, or your zip-lock bags and let them do the work.


- Our jewelry polishing clothes may last for a year, they can be black with tarnish but still effective.

- Due to its non-abrasive and will not scratch the jewelry when put together with.

- Our anti-tarnish strip prevents tarnish from absorbing atmospheric pollutants. Silver tarnish actually comes from a reaction to hydrogen sulfide (H2S), sulfur dioxide (SO2), and/or chlorine (CI) in the air.

- In the MYJN jewelry box or pouch, the protection will last up to 6 months. In a tightly sealed or airtight container, it will protect up to 12 months.

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