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"& the story begin"
Our Founder


Meet May, the artsy minimalist who developed her enthusiasm for jewelry since a very young age. Being brought up by her mother who is also a jewelry lover, they both face a problem that every woman shared  shiny objects come at a price, a huge price.
Although she couldn’t afford all the high quality and unique pieces that she wants, her love for jewelry has not shown a sign of death. Rather, it plants a seed in her soul that results in the brand you are seeing today.
May aspire to own a jewelry or fashion label. At the beginning, she would like to take Major in Jewelry Design but the course fees are too high. She decided to take Major of Fashion Marketing that offer at the same college with the Jewelry Design Major. When she is free, she occupies her time visits her schoolmate that took Jewelry Design course and they share their experience.
Her parents didn't support her, they want her to study in Law or Medicine. She never gives up to pursuing dreams, she worked full time while studying to pay her college fee and still able to receive the high distinction. 
"Your story isn’t like anyone else’s; your jewelry shouldn’t be, either."


After graduation, May stumbled upon Jun in Penang, Malaysia. They know each since high school but less contact. They fell in love with each other as the two share similar upbringings and the love for jewelry.
Just like every jewelry enthusiasts, Jun always has an emotional connection with precious stones and gems. At the age of 19, he started making his handmade bracelets and showcased them in the local pop up markets that took him 1 hours drive from his college. while doing his degree. 
To support his dream of making his fine jewelry, he juggled around multiple jobs. As a college student, he worked as a waiter, promoter to a full-time real estate negotiator for 3 years while having his studies. He invested every dollar he earned back into MYJN by sourcing the best materials and designs.
It Started Out With A Love Token


During May’s 22nd Birthday, Jun made himself a promise to create their jewelry label as a love token to her. After days of planning and discussion, they started a journey of over countless miles around the globe, searching for materials, mastering the craft and drafting the designs.
They struggled with multiple failures along the way, from choosing the wrong materials to creating bad designs. Yet, failures do not stop them.
New Life Journey Began 


After a long journey full of sweats and tears, MYJN (acronym of May-Jun) is established with an aim to make premium handcrafted jewelry affordable and accessible to the public while maintaining its limited and exclusive nature.
However, making such affordable jewelry is not easy, as most of the MYJN products are handcrafted with gold vermeil and sterling silver.
They lower their inventory cost, without mass producing their jewelry, cutting down on distribution and middleman fees by only selling in this official site. They rent a place as their atelier and studio, do everything on their own, from editing the social media content, photography etc.
Most of the naming of MYJN pieces are inspired by the name of woman. Today MYJN is not only a token of love, but it is also a statement to inspire all women to feel good and confident about themselves by adding a subtle elegance to their everyday outfit.
"Jewelry For Women Who Own Their Glow"
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