MYJN Travel Case


First come first serve basis. Will not restock in the future.

Introducing a very different kind of jewelry travel case. MYJN Travel Case with more than 200 people on the waiting list for the future sale. Stay tuned for future releases.

A dainty jewelry case doesn’t have to mean limited storage options. We make a great travel option for jewelry. Beautiful, well thought out jewelry organizer. A place for everything. Never lost an earring or fighting an untangle necklace anymore!



- Come with Cloudy Grey & Royal Blue

- Made with quality vegan leather

- Gentle suede interior to protect your valuables

- 12 cm length x 10 cm width x 3.5 cm height

- 4 leather tabs with metal clip & a stretch pocket at the bottom for securing up to 4 necklaces/bracelet

- 12 holes for earrings, a removable ring bar 

-  Metal zipper closure



Only 50 Units available ( Cloudy Grey - Officially Sold Out )

Only 100 Units available ( Royal Blue - Officially Sold Out )

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