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Anti-tarnish & Protectant Coating

Sale priceRM30.00

A solution to preserving the brilliance and beauty of your cherished jewelry. Our state-of-the-art coating technology provides a robust barrier against tarnish, ensuring your pieces remain as radiant as the day you first wore them. Designed to extend the lifespan of your jewelry, it protects against everyday wear and environmental factors, keeping it lustrous and pristine for years to come. Allowing you to enjoy their timeless elegance without worry.


- Remove existing tarnish

- Ensures that your jewelry retains its radiant shine and stays protected against environmental factors that cause tarnish.

- Prolongs the lifespan of jewelry from future discoloration.

- Applies a protective layer that shields your piece.

Note: The coating may gradually diminish over time due to regular wear and tear, and recoating will be needed to maintain its original appearance.

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