Demi-Fine Comtemporary Jewelry for your everyday

With a subtle on elegance that matches with any you. We bring exceptional quality jewelry into the life of every woman



80% of our customers are Women. By Woman, For Women. 

We praise the amazing power of every women. Be proud, always enjoy yourself & impress others.



Limited Edition

Dune Soft Leather Pouch

An essential, reinvented

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Eco Gifting box

Bonus : Fine jewelry comes in finer packaging.

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Our Material

We focused on creating a range of staples made from materials of the very highest quality. We devoted to creating timeless designs using fine and ethically sourced material



Gold Vermeil

Not to be confused with regular gold plating.

Vermeil is a much thicker layer of 18k gold over high-quality sterling silver which gives the pieces their long lasting 

surgical steel

Stainless Steel

Waterproof. Highly durable metal, resistance to corrosive substances, scratches and it's perfect for daily wear.

It’s hypoallergenic, doesn't tarnish or rust.


Sterling Silver

Sterling silver jewelry is appropriate no matter what the occasion may be. 

Our sterling silver is polished and dipped in Rhodium and it has a bright finish, that look almost the same to white gold.



The fine freshwater pearl we offers characteristically range in shape from very baroque to near-round.  Freshwater pearls have a very thick nacre layer, which gives them a beautiful luster and shine.



We only use 4A - 5A superior quality CZ, this makes all the difference in quality, clarity, durability, and brilliance of the finished stones.

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