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Additional Moss Seasonal Box

Sale priceRM59.00
Limited Edition:

Exclusive, sustainable jewelry box to complete the gift

The inspiration came from the desire to bring a piece of the earth's tranquility into the heart of the city. We observed how even the tiniest plants could have a profound impact on their aesthetic appeal. And so the idea of a preserved moss gift box was born.


- Wrapped up with a cute little ribbon bow

- Colour: Frost 

- Cotton linen pouch now with a separate compartment to provide more protection for the jewelry.

- Packaging box material: imported white specialty kraft paper box.

- Preserve natural reindeer moss as filling - handpicking natural moss, drying it out, and preserving it without using any colorant.

- Exclusive gifting cards (cards may come differently)

- Sustainable source, environment-friendly, and eco-friendly.

Reduced environmental impact, 100% recyclable material; 100% biodegradable compostable.

Limited Edition / For holiday season gifting