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The Cora Bowl

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An eco-conscious one-of-a-kind pieces


Draws inspiration from the mesmerizing beauty of coral reefs and the enduring allure of weathered rocks. Crafted from sustainable materials, its surface mirrors the porous texture of coral, providing a tactile delight for touch and exploration.

The beige color palette pays homage to coral's timeless elegance and the beauty that lingers even as time gracefully weathers its colors. This versatile bowl serves multiple purposes, seamlessly blending functionality with a captivating design. Whether used as a practical valet bowl for daily essentials, showcased as a standalone art piece, or employed as an incense stick holder.

Cora Bowl effortlessly integrates into any living space, adding a touch of natural splendor. Embrace the spirit of longevity and sustainability embodied in Cora Bowl—an invitation to celebrate nature's beauty while consciously choosing an environmentally friendly lifestyle.



- Handcrafted with upcycle material, resin &  polyurethane foam - with its versatile properties, can be repurposed in numerous innovative ways, offering both aesthetic appeal and environmental benefits.

- Measurement: 45 x 100 x 100 mm

- Finishing: Brushed, frosted, grained

- Packaging: Painted wooden box with preserved moss

- Origin: Malaysia


Cora Bowl designed and crafted by Eva Cheok



Jewelry pouch, seasonal greeting card & gift-wrapped box.


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