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Sustainable Love

Our Sustainable Journey

It is important that you feel good about what you wear and where it comes from.


The size of our jewelry box, pouches, cards, and scarves is designed to optimize space and reduce the use of materials as much as possible. We try to reduce packaging, make it minimal, and fit 1–3 pieces of jewelry in the MYJN jewelry box without separating it.

Towards plastic-free

Shipments from us are biodegradable, and we are working to make shipping and jewelry packaging from our supplier plastic-free too. Minimizing our footprint, recycled sterling silver, and 100% recyclable packaging.

No mass production

70% of our pieces are made to order, without unnecessary storage/warehouse. We manufacture in small batches to make sure that we are not overproducing astorage or warehousend creating unwanted waste.

No Waste Production Approach

We are committed to reducing waste in all our processes. Aside from recycling all packaging products and personal waste, we also don't waste the pieces that don't pass our high quality control standards.


Our jewelry box, pouch, including the complimentary items: soft pouches and scarves are made to be kept and reused, for any ways or occasion.

One team

We are well aware that we still have a long way to go. We do have HYĀNG & CUÜN as our sister brands that's also made to order, have tight inventory, share the same working environment and ethics.

We hope you wear our work with the same spirit in which it was made—with passion, confidence, and creativity.



The core principles of MYJN's design are simplicity, sustainability, and a commitment to reducing waste through recycling.

We create timeless, quality jewelry for lasting appreciation and mindful consumption. Our philosophy prioritizes creativity and enduring quality, maximizing jewelry longevity. With a circular approach, pieces can be repaired, recycled into new treasures, and all metal scraps are recycled—ensuring a waste-free process

We cannot label ourselves as a sustainable jewelry brand. The efforts we have made so far are just not enough.